TeffDogg (teffdogg) wrote in thriftwhore,

You'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two.

Good afternoon,

This album ($0.59, Goodwill) actually inspired Stanley Kubrick to have HAL-9000 sing "Daisy, Daisy". Maybe. Anyway, it's some REALLY early techno played on an IBM mainframe. Please click the LJ-Cut to hear it.

Musica De Mathematicas

I had to buy a whole shopping cart full of BORING military aircraft parts to get this, ($35, New Life Thrift) but it was worth it!

1. Case - Army Air Force 1951 Analyzer ZM-3U

Upon opening the EIGHT spring loaded latches you find, inside the watertight case, mounted on shocks... an Army/Airforce technical manual from 1951?

2. Open - Army Air Force 1951 Analyzer ZM-3U

But under THAT, the most beautiful control panel I've seen in a thrift store in a while!

3. Panel - Army Air Force 1951 Analyzer ZM-3U

And yes, that power light IS in the shape of a radiation symbol!

4. Meter and Lamp - Army Air Force 1951 Analyzer ZM-3U

Finally, here's a video of me playing my new record and playing with my new ZM-3/U:

Happy Easter!
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