Julia (restingstate) wrote in thriftwhore,

Here is a selection of my recent thrifts. Prices are estimated. Links to my previous posts are posted in my journal in case anyone wants to see them :)

Tooled leather checkbook cover ($2).

The back.

Houndstooth hinged wallet ($5).

1-inch-tall bear pin ($1).

Teapot so I can drink multiple cups of tea without having to get out of bed to brew another cup ($3).

The bottom of the teapot, in case anyone is interested.

Walkman ($2) and headphones ($3) because I was given an actual mixtape.

Two pillowcases ($1 each) to match a flatsheet I thrifted a while ago...

It's four times this size! ($2).

As long as I'm photographing my bed, here is what it has been wearing lately (all thrifted).

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