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where it doesn't take a lot of money. [entries|friends|calendar]
the thrift store ate my wallet!

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antique books! [20 Jul 2014|08:45pm]

My last post here I posted an antique book I found at Value Village, now I found a couple more! I think buying old cheap books from VV might be something I keep doing. More pics and info under the cuts.

DSCF9953 copy

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DSCF9961 copy

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Church Bazaar, Canada [14 May 2014|12:13pm]

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[28 Mar 2014|09:41am]

Some of my favorite finds... ON,CA

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[16 Mar 2014|10:05pm]

Some of my finds over the past few months.. All items were bought in northern VA, WV and DE. I don't remember the prices for some of them.
PS/ it makes me sad how dead this community is nowadays. :(

After a lot of searching I finally found the perfect scarf for my nightstand. $2.

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antique book about paris [16 Mar 2014|05:05pm]

Last time I was at Value Village, I found this great book in the old books section for only $3! It’s part of the Peeps at Great Cities series, where someone would write a book about a city and what it was like there. The Paris book is written by Margery Williams, the author of The Velveteen Rabbit. This one was written in 1910, and this edition’s from 1916, it’s in really good condition for being almost 100 years old. I've never bought any old books from Value Village before, but I fell in love with this one so I couldn't pass it up.

DSCF9462 copy

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Kenny, Kermit, Angela, and Rex. [14 Mar 2014|06:03pm]


Clockwise: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition record, rubber Kermit The Frog mask, Empire Records T-Shirt, and My So Called Life soundtrack. All found at one Goodwill in Massachusetts.

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[12 Nov 2013|05:37pm]

Probably my best find ever. Bought for $1 at a Goodwill in Delaware.

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Thrifty gifty? [10 Nov 2013|11:02am]

Do you give thrifted/yardsaled/fleamarketed gifts? Do you tell the recipient or keep it to yourself?

I totally give repurposed things. Most people I tell, and they appreciate it. Sometimes I don't tell them until they exclaim how much they like it and/or where I bought it :)

Giving anything fun this holiday season?
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[08 Sep 2013|05:34pm]

I just posted the other day. Here's more from this weekend...

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[01 Sep 2013|12:03pm]

Hi All, I have been a member for a really long time, but I think I've only posted once or twice, years ago.

Some finds from this year...I'm guessing on some of the prices as I don't remember.Collapse )
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