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I don't think I've posted more than three times in this community, but I have a huge collection of thrifted things from housewares to kitchenware to clothes, so I want to start posting everything in sets. Also, just about everything is vintage. If you like stuff from around the 60s-70s, you'll like this post.

All sheets, blanket, pillowcases thrifted.

Better view of pillow and case, both thrifted.

Excellent blanket. I used to have two but parted with the other one.

Queen size!

Jewelry box is also a music box.

Tin and plastic... Using these to carry supplies to my painting class.

File cabinet and round tin again.

To show the size. It's deep!

Two metal file cabinets and a crumbly particle board cabinet. What's that little box there?

I was so happy to find this packed with embroidery floss! It even came with a needle.

Another tin and a cloth covered jewelery bin.

That I use for desk supplies...

All the way open!

Ceramic mushroom thing I thrifted many years ago.

Sorry about the flash but it's the only way I could show the colors/texture of this orange velvet beauty. Not sure why I put my boots in the picture, but they were thrifted too, so...

Close up. Signed by the artist!

Hope you enjoyed! I'll be posting another set soon, hopefully.
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