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It's been a few months so here's the next installment of my cumulative thrifts: kitchen series! I know I've posted some of these before, but it was probably almost 2 years ago. Links to my other posts are in my journal, if anyone is interested :P

Mugs! I had 6 of those Spring Blossom teacups but dropped 2, sadly.

Close up. Just the other day, someone posted a stack exactly like this!

I really like hunting for patterned glasses. I want to point out that this is the ONLY owl object I have ever thrifted.
Here are the other owls on the glass (from before I painted the cupboard green, I guess):


Mismatched spoons and knives.


Avon measuring spoons.

Various glass canisters. Check out my nutritional yeast, quinoa, and rolled oats (haha). I don't think I paid more than $2 for any of these.

Various metal objects.

Spice bottles. A few have been misplaced or borrowed since this photo was taken many months ago.

Salt & pepper shakers. I think 25 cents each or something.

Tupperware is my favorite!

This is one I know I've posted before, but I wanted to stick it in here again to get all my kitchenware in one post, haha. I keep water in the jar and have it next to my desk now.

Bowls. I just love a good cereal bowl.

I also love a good mixing bowl, so here are three! I actually bought them on three separate occasions.

Perfect Pyrex.

I really don't have enough plates. I just can't always force myself to sort through the 2-foot-tall stacks...

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