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where it doesn't take a lot of money.

to look this cheap.

the thrift store ate my wallet!
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are you a thrift whore?

can't pass up a thrift store without dropping in?

like to brag about your latest treasure/find/score/loot???

do it here. post about your latest thrift store adventure. post pictures of your latest conquest.


- - -

    community rules:
    • this is not a buy-sell community. it is to show off what you've found (and bought) from thriftshops / charityshops / garage sales, etc. do not post sales here, you will be banned. want to buy-sell?? join thriftwhore's sister lj - thriftho

    • DO NOT post items that you bought from department stores or discount shops (i.e. no walmart, target, ross, etc.). this community is for thriftfinds and only thriftfinds.

    • DO NOT post items that you got for free from your aunt gertrude or that you found on the sidewalk or that you got while dumpster-diving. there are communities for that - take it there. thriftfinds only here.

    • DO NOT put "x-posted to ______" in your posts. it isn't necessary.

    • be sure to include how much you spent for each item - if you can't remember exactly, guess. also, please only post finds that you bought and plan to keep (or give as a gift), posting finds that you are planning to sell or auction is against the selling rule.

    • please do not post photos of things you have made or altered from thriftfinds. there are communities specifically tailored to that sort of thing and this is not the place. please only post thriftfinds as you got them from the shop.

    • posts asking for the location of shops are not allowed. (for example: where are some good shops in fargo???) the yellow pages are your friend or try posting your question to a community dedicated to the city you are asking about.

    • no more than one post per day allowed. if you have more finds that you want to post on a day when you've already posted either edit your original post to add the new things or wait 24 hours until after that post to post again. multiple posts will be deleted.

    • stealing is not endorsed by thriftwhore - do not post about things you have stolen or your post will be deleted and you will be banned.

    • you are allowed to post photos of your purchases, but please, if you post more than two use the <lj-cut> tag. the tag is explained in the FAQ. please read it.

    • if you need to edit your post and add the <lj-cut> tag, you may do that by logging into the website, clicking on the 'comments' link of your post and then clicking this () and editing your post, no excuses for not knowing how to edit a post.

    • keep your photos on-topic - we know some of you like to be cute & get compliments, but save that for your own journal - here we just want to see your finds without the excess vanity. and NO trolling for friends. this isn't an "ADD ME" community, keep those requests out of here.

    • don't make "here are my finds and i'll take photos later" posts. if you plan to take photos of your finds WAIT until you have photos in order to post. why take up two posts to do what you can in one?? such posts will be deleted.

    • find and use a reliable image host or your post will be deleted. if you use one of those hosts which limit bandwidth, they will not work here - thriftwhore is watched by many many people and your limit will run out quickly & no one wants to look at red x's. posts filled with red x's will be deleted.

    • please stay on topic (posting about thrift finds) off topic posts will be deleted, so please NO COMMUNITY PROMO's or things of that nature. & don't try to be sneaky about posting off-topic things underneath your thriftfinds - you will be asked to remove the off-topic parts and if you don't comply, you will be banned.

    • no rude or unnecessary remarks to someone's finds - this isn't a ratings community (no comments about someone's looks), this isn't a photography community (no comments about the quality of someone's photos - not everyone has state-of-the-art cameras). if anyone is seen making rude or unnecessary remarks, you will be banned.

    • VINTAGE FUR: do not comment negatively to posts which contain purchases of fur or fur items or you will be removed & banned. no comments about how you "like everything (but the fur)" or that "fur sucks" or "poor _______ (animal)" or "boo fur!", etc etc etc. it is the poster's own personal choice to purchase vintage fur and i will not let the community become a platform for anti-fur people to taunt or berate anyone.

    • once again, this community has a zero tolerance policy for rule breakers. feel like you want to break the rules?? YOU WILL BE BANNED. simple as that.

these are simple rules, that are simple to live by and should hopefully keep things nice & orderly.